jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

"A Miss to miss"

When you wake up I feel
no pain, like If I were
runing through the trees
from the war who has killed
brothers and sisters
mothers and daughters
fathers and sons,
and the sons
behind our back and guns,
behind our powder and not power:

“Since the first time
you write to me
I felt myself a prisioner,
an slave, yours.
Since I have been
murdering our kids…
I wrote thisto you
“I am not a human because
I am a soldier, a soldier free
who has broke your will
against your will
I am your will and
therefore you are dying
from the war, alone,
with thirty four,
alone, Miss.
If I were free
I will be yours,
but I am not
and you are my
Miss to miss.””

Will, a soldier free.

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